DOCTORS IN BLACK – PlanDemic, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom

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  1. Please see Doctors in Black . These our brave ppl speaking the truth abt coronavirus and vaccines. How vaccines can be made safer.the importance of using our own immune systems. Speaks abt corruption of the CDC. B.Gates , Fauci and others. This video is being banned as we speak. How if u get a flu shot u have 36% chance of getting coronavirus! Much more.

  2. thanks for posting this thru the back door..the more burry this the more others find a way to post other ways…keep us quiet? i think not…

  3. Share this video and get everyone you can to watch it cause it’s going to continue to be banned I shared the video yesterday and it got deleted from Facebook so let’s start saving this video and spreading it to everyone. Why is this video getting deleted from Facebook? What happened to our freedom of speech? We can believe what we want I thought? I thought we had rights and choices? Why is freedom of speech being taken away with out us agreeing to it! Why do so many continue to follow the lies this video is truth

    • Because Facebook is not the government and where were you when mark zukerburg was being questioned about the FAKE NEWS and illegal activity that was happening on Facebook???

      What makes you think that your Rights extend to a platform like Facebook 😱😱

  4. YouTube is removing countless version of this video. They are scared of something, and trying to hide it outside public view.

    • No, it was isolated, but never published. Fauci took her paper prior to publishing, rewrote it, then published.

      • Her mission and the socialist doc makers was to preserve their virology money cow.
        HIV was never ever isolated just like this last ncov and all the rest, her goal is to pretend to attack under the the new word plandemic taking it over while validating pathogenic virus and vaxxines, she said it her self she was not against vaxxines BOOM! Oh and the video maker seem a Socialist Bernie supporters. This was all a well planned doc to validate the virology science and the pathogenic virus. Also this site is so new their message system is not even built. I wonder if it’s even legit or just made to share this.
        Can we even edit or delete our own comments?

    • She was working on autism research in the University of Nevada Reno and having success when they took her out. Check out the It is a real eye-opener as far as Aids. Everything she said is the truth Investigate for yourself. I am surprised she is still alive. Mr. Strecker the attorney brother paid with his life.

  5. Oh my goodness; the Neo Confederates, the KKKleptocrats, Neo Fascists, Neo Cons and their hypocritical, mind warping asinine propaganda. It’s odd how IQ doesn’t have any bearing on who is hoodwinked by such see-through agenda driven drivel as witnessed by this vid. I have a spine surgeon relative who is convinced by this collection of lies and half-truths. He’s world class as a surgeon but he’s also a dimwit when it comes to reading grifters and charlatans. I bet those who like this have not 10% his brains; forget his education. So you can see how that criminal PhD lady in the video would be convincing to those of the same variable and flighty frequency, or else she’s always made folks believe that she is capable and not confabulating, cheating sociopath like so many of her CONniving ilk. So let me get this straight: SARS-CoV-2 along with the other Coronaviruses of note before it, MERS and SARS-CoV-1, were created to off us, and the vaccine(s) is/are going to hammer the population control home? Yet the vid says to go out ignore the quarantine protocols, be in crowds, don’t wear any PPE in public or around others outside your home. Is the rationale that we should spread this around haphazardly hoping for herd immunity and no fatalities? Who the, what the F__CK?! I don’t get it. What is this idiotic video spouting about reinfecting yourself if you already have it by wearing a mask?! HUH?! She claims to be an immunologist and even a Bachelors or Masters level virology class would impart to the most mediocre biology student the fact that what she claims is nearly impossible. It’s not even plausible. Look it up dummies. Don’t take my word for it. Logic please! Who the fluck believes these anti-Democracy paid Plutocrat, liberscarian, pseudo-anarchist, wanna be theocratic warlords?! Are you gd serious? Listen if you believe this crappola I got a tower in Paris I’d like to sell you, for cheap. STOP ALREADY YOU 4TH REICH DULLARDS!!! Everyone else — HELLOOO time to WAKE UP!!! Knowledge is the key. Get some. Everyone be considerate, conscientious and safe versus sorry. Please. Unlike these inbred cave folks some of us want you to live long and healthy lives based on empiricism and facts not reckless magical thinking and sadistic/masochistic fraternity antic tendencies. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  6. Well i have been saying the numbers are not right. Questions not being answered. Things don’t add up. Put people back to work. Look at the homg kong flu 1 million died but people still worked. Give me liberty or give me death
    There’s connections with Harvard and other university professors here also. Lots of people involved. I’m on oxygen and they are trying to tell me how many bottles a week I can use. Not happening. I just keep arguing who are to tell me when and where i can go. Funny right down to the little people. I’m not in prison yet.
    Bill Gates has gotten what he has wanted. A few others also. I’m so tired of rights being taken away. We will never come out of this hole. I’m done with voting. I can’t believe it has come to this USA depending on other countries to supply us with food. Stop building and start planting. People don’t care were food comes from. Stop a lot of people coming here because we have no room left and they can’t show how they will be able to take care of their selfs. Not about money anymore. It’s about living a good life. They have changed the way we should be thinking and living. People have blinders on and cannot see what the whole picture is. It’s not just the virus and the flu shots it’s the way they change peoples thinking. Stop being paid off to do nothing. Money only changes so much. This virus doesn’t change you only also the way we eat, live and our liberties. So if you want to live imprisoned to your house and like living like you have been, don’t do anything. I see illegal immigrants are on go fund me site. So they are getting checks each week. No one working where is money coming from? Funny still no answers.

  7. The CDC and Fauci should be arrested and sentence for 3 life sentences for every lie and death that they caused from the beginning of time and the USA Goverment should as well be sue and prosecute for all their involvement in everything that consists of not tellIng the truth to the citizens of this country…enough is enough…this country is not run by his people for the people but a group of billionaires who they do not care about you or any body in this country, if you are going to cost them money they preferred you be dead and that is not what freedom is…freedom, you and I do not have with this government but lies, death, manipulation, control, drugs pump by the elite and a organized communist government….they all deserved to pay for their actions like you and I do when we do something wrong in society…

    Let’s share this page to everyone to know the truth of this reality….

  8. Can you guys get access to the video that’s 1 hour long on Dr. Markovitz and other top doctors. U tube has taken it down.

  9. 1) Only the old, vulnerable patients should be isolating themselves, not the healthy people.
    2) Healthy or vulnerable you can still have a catastrophic immune response to an infection or even your own tissues, ask any rheumatoid arthritis patient.
    3) It is far healthier to get natural immunity, IMHO, but the final common pathway to any “flu-like illness” is your own immune system’s reaction to any foreign particles, be it a fungus, virus, parasite or bacteria. Proof: component vaccines (viral proteins not whole viruses), such as Shingrix, can’t attack you yet the reaction is vigorous in the process of creating antibodies to a foreign substance.
    4) Viral pandemics have come and gone, regardless of man-made viruses/cures or not or the profiteering that results. Don’t blame the virus for existing. Don’t blame how it came in to be here. Don’t blame those who gave it to you or your loved ones. You were always going to die and you were never told under what circumstances.
    5) Get off your ass and live your life as if today is your last day on Earth… It always can be through no fault of your own.
    5) If you are stupid enough to believe what this lady or anyone else tells you, perhaps your arrogance and ignorance will also soon be casualties.

    • Even Cuomo was somewhat surprised as he read aloud the latest stats that related to the ‘locked in’, those inside, being the most susceptible. Over 22%.
      The ‘free range’ folks, first responders and all others of ‘essential’ services… those out and about, fresh air and sun [vitamin D] were in the 2% or less. Even the homeless were in the same lower percentages… Just as these Doctors are saying. Re-watch the video, ….paying attention..

  10. Yes very on ball,,,,,now you all need to watch ,’CABAL 1-10′,,,, NEED TO ACCESS THTOUGH A GOOGLE SEARCH,FB wont allow directly , keep an open mind &watch it all ,,, stay safe &educated xx

  11. As ‘Plandemic’ is being censored so too are books damning to Fauci. Charles Ortleb’s book “Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science” has now been pulled from Amazon. It’s time to begin writing the White House asking that Fauci to be removed pending an investigation.

  12. Because I happened to be at the moment on a slow connection I caught what YouTube is now doing .. and it’s the same as LinkedIn !! When a comment includes a link, it appears as a normal web address. However, when clicking, they are performing a redirect which now empowers them to direct the URL elsewhere .. or mark it as a virus or something else to dissuade the user!!

  13. Cathy / All – See my other post here. YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, mobile apps, and every other platform owned and operated by the Liberal Left is vetting links. In other words, when you click a weblink, it first goes through their processing engine to determine if THEY APPROVE it shoild be routed to the destination website. If they don’t like a domain name such as bannedvideos. com, they will redrect you elsewhere, making you think the link is broken, a virus, or otherwise, when it really is not.
    ShrinkedIn went so far as to display webpages INSIDE their app, versus having a link open in the User’s Browser of choice.
    As for Search Engines, DuckDuckGo seems to be (at the moment) unbiased.

  14. This is nothing more than a lying, cheating, desperate Trump political ad. When are you people going to fall on your head and stop listening to this total and complete line of BS from Trump and his cronies. He is a DESPERATE MORON.

    • What does this video have to do with Trump exactly? Are you aware of Trump Derangement Syndrome? There may be medicines that can help.

  15. Why does debunk this video and Dr. Mikovits’ claims??? Many are depending on the information in your documentary video to be correct. These kind of claims need to be rock solid. The search warrant for Dr. Mikovits’ home and another residence and a boat are posted and there is a reference to a $100,000.00 arrest warrant for possession of stolen property on page 10 of the search warrant.

    • Snopes is an extremely liberal propaganda site with an agenda to discredit anything that appears to be conservative. The site is ran by a husband and wife team ” David and Barbara Mikkelson”. No big office of investigators or researchers, no law team. Is this who you have checking your facts for you?

      • Not even Barbara anymore. Dave dumped Barb, hooked up with a [younger, flashier looks, better bod] porn actress, that today posts the ‘yays and Nays’……. and Barbara sued them both. ;

  16. Well well well….Seems as if my comments were removed because I can see straight through this ridiculous video and the fact that I am not a supporter of trump. Odd that you don’t want to see both sides.

  17. Show me some proof. Just because someone is saying something doesn’t mean it is true. The violence is pumped up because Trump spews hatred every day. I think I will do a little investigating of this doctor.

    • What does this video have to do with Trump exactly? Are you aware of Trump Derangement Syndrome? There may be medicines that can help.

    • Move on do t org and daily ko s appear perfectly legit also…Global Leftists embrace both as supportive of their… programing ;

    • 90% of the movie was what other doctors were saying and what they were saying about herd mentality was right on so I don’t know what everybody’s criticizing his video so much for it sure as hell beats what the government is doing
      You know I think there a lot of people that are just so lazy. They will except anything as long as they dont have to go to work
      Just get up and light that joint

  18. If this video of how the world was being led a great lie by this evil personals in the medical world killing millions of human beings. .why are they not punished for their crimes and greed. This is can say are sons and daughters of the devil satan. They are to be tried by law and imprisoned without any parole or pardon

  19. For Those Who Doubt the Plandemic Movie
    I researched some of the “facts” going around claiming to have “debunked” the movie, which are being regurgitated by many who prefer to remain asleep and won’t put the effort in to research things themselves. Here is what I found along with all of my supporting sources.
    1. Dr. Anthony Fauci has worked at the National Institute of Health (NIH) since 1968 and has been a Director with the organization since 1984, “both as a scientist and as the head of the NIAID at the NIH”. A simple Wikipedia search resolved that one.
    2. The NIH was one of the institutions funding the original study published in 10/23/2009, which Dr. Mikovits participated in and makes reference to in the Plandemic movie. Dr. Fauci worked at and continues to work at the NIH, one of the primary financial contributors to the study as one of it’s most senior directors, so you can indeed say that Dr. Judy Mikovits was in fact working for Dr. Fauci. I have downloaded the complete original study and saved for you to access here (highlights on page 3 denote Dr. Judy Mikovits’s participation and her employing firm) (highlights on page 6 indicate the institutions which provided the funding for the study):

    3. The study was challenged in 2010, when other researches could not replicate their findings and in September 2010, the original team, inclusive of Dr. Judy Mikovits issued an official response supporting their work.

    4. After which the original study was partially and then subsequently fully retracted (a very rare move in science). The partial retraction document states that two of the co-authors, Robert Silverman and Das Gupta (whom the original study listed as working for the Department of Cancer Biology) re-analyzed the samples they used and discovered that they had been contaminated. Please refer back to the first link provided herein, for item #1 showing the original study, indicates on the document that it has since been retracted.
    5. That she was arrested and a quote from the prosecuting district attorney, that said the charges were dropped because “there were issues with the witnesses”.…/criminal-charges-dropped

    6. In September 2012, Dr. Judy Mikovits and a team of other scientists conducted another study replicating the original one and published their findings, ultimately resolving the scientific communities dispute over the original work.…/file-attachments/1441.full_.pdf…/final-study-confirms-virus
    7. As previously shared in another post, Dr. Fauci does in fact hold a large number of patents related to HIV (as Dr. Judy Mikovits states in the video). He also holds numerous patents related to the Novel Coronavirus.
    Other Interesting and Related Facts:
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci to their Vaccination Action Plan.…/Global-Health-Leaders

    Bill Gates personally owns a number vaccine related patents (amongst many other interesting and unrelated patents):
    Pirbright, a company funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns European protecting replication of a variant gene of an avian infectious bronchitis virus.
    European Patent# 3 172 319 B1

    Here is proof that Pirbright is in fact funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…/2013/11/OPP1098099
    Pirbright also a US patent on the Coronavirus (you will need to scroll down quite a bit to see the owner and inventor they really covered every base on this patent.
    Vanderbilt University owns a large number of Coronavirus vaccine patents:
    Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Director of Vanderbilt University go back..
    Here you see them lobbying together:
    Here it mentions how they went to college together:
    Also as previously shared in another post, the polio vaccines the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tested on children in the Africa, causing an outbreak of Polio from the vaccine itself and paralysis on the children.…/vaccine-causing-polio-in…/

  20. This woman has been discredited. ProPublica released a video/report with the details. I think Margaret posted it.

  21. Thanks for creating this platform where TRUTH can be TOLD.It takes only A BiASED person who benefits from a lie or an evil person who commits a crime/offence to hesr the TRUTH and REJECT it.Jesus said ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you FREE.Dr JUDY MIKOVITS is TELLING the TRUTH .She has been saying the same thing for years!American Medical Industry is CORRUPT and censored by SATANISTS who are INFLUENTIAL BY the positions they occupy in the BOARDS and MEDICAL institutions!THEY ARE SACRIFICING HUMAN LIVES!

  22. If you have problem watching any video on web please use Aloha browser, has built in VPN for free, if you wanna download convert any video on Web please use YouTubeByClick it’s not free but is worth $$$….good luck

  23. ….Whole world is build on Lies Corruption and Money , if you think Putin and Xi are bad guys you’re wrong, they are just business partner with Trump , people never gonna wake up because they are living in lullaby world….

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