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Christchurch Mosque Shooting New Zealand FULL VIDEO

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  1. Terrorist cut the heads off two Canadian men in the Southern Philippines and our femboy prime turd says that “we don’t negotiate with terrorists,” yet he gives Omar Khadar $10.5 million of our tax dollars to a convicted terrorist who killed an American soldier.

    Thank god Donald Trump is our leader in the West.

    • Do u know that us Americans have elected a president that made up a scene (9/11) just to create a war of profit, and domain Afghanistan for resources. We also have created the word servants just to merchandise people.imagine if that was you. This guy in the video is a terrorist, he should have killed the people that control immigration and shit instead of killing innocent people. Fuck u!

      • “John” go jump off a cliff and save Humanity from your oxygen theft. You have no clue what you are talking about. None whatsoever. You’re a disgrace to whichever country you reside within. How about you go research Islam’s one thousand four hundred years long and going war against the western world and its peoples not to mention other Muslims who don’t believe in extremist Islam. Islam is an evil ideology and always has been… from globalizing slave trade… to barbaric treatment of women and gays… to indoctrination of children in their madrassas. Islam is evil incarnate… and you had better wake up. Time is of the essence.

        • Like christianity is not pure cringe too

          That christian fuckery caused fucking genocide in Rwanda and fucking massacres in Lebanon

  2. Dam mans got corvus markman barrel holographic sight epic gun camo.. mans got 7x multi kill bet he has a vtol at the ready. I wonder if he had uav on..?

  3. That is fucked up. The way I see things each person live a completely different life from another’s, and this dude… holy shit…

    unforntunetely there ain’t such things as divine justice or fairy tales as god and whatnot… but watching this I wish there was…

    I mean… Fuck… Those people had absolutely no relation with whoever this guyis … holy shit… this was bad…

    Give me the “shakes”…

  4. Honestly, this is one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen. An act of terrorism was commited because their religion is different than your own? That is pure evil. People say “oh well Islam is a religion of war” One, it isn’t and 2. Even if it was. Name me ONE time when Muslims have done something EVEN SIMILAR to this? ONCE!

    • dude 9/11 4000 people were killed by muslim terrorists. i almost started crying watching this video, but dont act like muslim are saints, there are bad apples in every religion. I say this as an ex muslim

    • 9/11, France bridge attack, Sydney Lindt cafe attack, various stabbings/acid attacks/bombings in England, mass rape in Europe, mass genocide of the Armenians, Baha’i, Christians in the middle East, Hindu in the Hindu holocaust, the war between the Shi’ite and Hamas, killing of any and every innocent person in Muslim majority countries that don’t believe in Islam the right way, that’s just the last hundred years.
      The further you go back the more brutal it gets, such as the Moorish invasion that nearly wiped out Europe before the first crusade, hell even the ‘prophet’ Muhammad may he be drenched in shit and tortured for eternity, was a rapist, pedophilic warmongerer.
      Any who follow Islam out of choice instead of being forced into it are morons who either A) don’t read the Quran enough to realise how bad it is or B) support horrific ideas that should be banned in any sane country

    • Zayeed the pussy, remember 9/11? Remember the countless terror attacks on Europe?? Trucks plowing into christmas markets, jihadis shooting up Charlie Hebdo, Jihadis shooting up a concert venue?????

  5. Wow thats a cool faked event, like all the rest. Funny when he shoots the bodies in the corner of the room, there is no blood splatter on the walls. Hey Hollywood, make sure you pay attention to the details. If one BIG aspect of an event is fake, the entire thing is fake. Just because you had the actors/dolls dripping blood, that just means you used blood packets after the fact. This reality is a joke.

  6. Look at the drop of casings… Or should I say lack there of. Video editing can trick the eye but it can’t make CGI casings bounce on the ground after being ejected. That’s because CGI isn’t real and neither was this propaganda. It was used to take New Zealand liberty and unfortunately New Zealand gave it away. Never give up your God given rights. God Bless.

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